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Why more drivers should use the “Dutch reach”

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

One of the problems with taking a more environmentally safe approach to transportation is that drivers often disregard the safety of cyclists. Some drivers believe that cars should own the street and bikes should stick to sidewalks or not exist at all. When cars fill the streets, bikers have to circle cars hoping they might catch a glimpse of them as they ride by.

Not everyone considers the existence of bikers or their safety and may swing their doors open haphazardly. This might cause bikers to respond late to a sudden obstacle and collide with the door, sending them flying over the door and onto the concrete. Biking incidents such as this can destroy bikes and cause serious injuries to a rider’s head and spine. 

How might more drivers reduce causing serious injuries to bicyclists? Here’s what you should know:

Saving lives through a simple door opening method

The “Dutch reach” is a simple method of seeing behind the car while opening the door. The Dutch reach is done by using the farthest hand to open a door. This method causes the person to turn just enough to see if anyone is coming from behind the car, specifically cyclists. 

The Dutch reach allows people to take a moment to see their blind spot and slowly open their door before causing an accident with a cyclist. Not everyone considers the potential that an open door can lead to a cyclist’s injuries. 

You may have been a victim of “car dooring” causing you to swerve around or hit a door while riding your bike. You may experience serious head and spine injuries because of your accident. You may need to seek experienced help to recover your losses and pay for medical bills.

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