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Work Visas: Immigration Through Employment

Millions dream of working in the United States, the land of opportunity. However, complex legal regulations, limited options and the fear of scams can leave you feeling lost and unsure of the next step.

For over a decade, Kelso Law, PLLC, has been solving immigration problems for Texas clients. Our experienced Dallas immigration attorneys offer comprehensive services to guide you through the legal process, whether you seek a temporary work visa or permanent residency.

Temporary Nonimmigrant Visas

If you’re interested in working in the U.S. temporarily, we can help you explore the following different visa options:

  • H: These are for temporary workers, including specialty occupations.
  • I: These are for representatives of foreign media or certain exchange visitors.
  • L: These are allocated to intra-company transferees.
  • O: These are reserved for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement.
  • P: These are reserved for athletes, artists and entertainers.
  • R: These are solely for religious workers.
  • TN: These are for NAFTA professionals from Canada and Mexico.

Since immigration laws and rules are subject to change, our legal team can explore the legal options that are currently available and determine the best course of action for your specific visa needs.

Permanent Immigrant Options For Workers

You may hope to eventually obtain a green card for permanent resident status after securing employment in the U.S. In that case, we can assist you with various visa options, including:

  • EB-1: Designated for workers with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors/researchers and multinational executives/managers.
  • EB-2: These are for workers with advanced degrees or exceptional ability
  • EB-3: These can be for skilled workers, professionals and unskilled workers.
  • EB-4: These are special immigrant categories such as religious workers and certain government employees.
  • EB-5: These are for investors creating at least 10 full-time jobs for U.S. workers.

The number of employment-based visas issued each year is limited, and working with a dedicated immigration lawyer can help you pursue the best option for your unique situation.

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