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When Help Becomes Harm. Your Rights In Texas Medical Malpractice

When we place our elderly parent in a nursing home, or when we go to the hospital or dentist, we expect to be in a safer state than before we arrived. In fact, people providing care in these places have a duty to fulfill. When this duty is neglected or dismissed and someone gets hurt, it’s time to talk to a personal injury attorney.

At my firm, Kelso Law, PLLC, I help people who were harmed by a care provider. Because I am an immigration attorney, I have the knowledge and skill to assist anyone who has been injured, no matter what their citizenship status.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Simply stated, medical malpractice is when a health care provider does not give us the treatment we need. This can include when the provider doesn’t do something that causes harm, or does something that causes harm. Making an error is also a facet of medical malpractice. Professionals who work in health care have a legal “duty of care” to fulfil.

Types Of Medical Malpractice I Represent

While the spectrum of possible errors a dentist, surgeon, pharmacist, nurse or other care provider can make is long, there are common errors that do unfortunately happen. Here are some of the types of medical malpractice cases I accept:

  • Surgical error including anesthesia mistakes, wrong limb, foreign objects and infections
  • Birth injuries including cerebral and brachial palsy, oxygen deprivation and others
  • Dental malpractice including delaying treatment, misdiagnosis and wrong tooth
  • Nursing home abuse/neglect including bed sores and fall injuries

I understand that it can be difficult to know if what happened to you qualifies as a medical malpractice case. This is why I offer a free consultation to people who have suffered a personal injury.

Get In Touch To Discuss How You Were Harmed

If you or your parent or child was harmed by something a care provider either did or failed to do, we should talk. I want you to understand your rights and options given what happened. Call 214-216-6816 to set up a meeting at my Dallas firm. You can also reach me, attorney Rhiannon Kelso (Kelso for short) via my online form. I offer straightforward analysis and advice. I will be clear as to whether I can help you and exactly how I think I can.