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Do backup cameras prevent accidents?

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Backup cameras are very convenient, especially when you’re trying to parallel park or back out of a parking spot in a lot. They have been so successful that they used to be an upgradable option, but they are now used on all new vehicles.

Besides just making your life easier as a driver, do these cameras prevent accidents?

The high percentage of accidents while in reverse

One thing that researchers have found over the years is that people spend a very small percentage of their time in the car (less than 1%) driving in reverse. However, a disproportionate number of accidents (up to 25%) happen while doing so. This just underscores that backing up, even if someone only does it for a short time or a very short distance, is generally much more dangerous than driving forward.

This is why backup cameras can certainly reduce accidents and keep people safe. These are especially helpful in situations where pedestrians are in the parking lot with the drivers. A low-speed impact between two cars in a parking lot may not lead to severe injuries, but a pedestrian can be seriously injured or even killed when struck by a vehicle at any speed. Pedestrians just have no protection, so the ramifications are far more serious. There’s also an elevated risk any time that there are children in the parking lot, as they may be too short for drivers to see without the backup camera.

You can see that advancements in technology certainly do help prevent accidents, but there’s nothing that can be done to fully guarantee you won’t be injured. If you have been hit by a negligent driver, you need to know how to seek fair financial compensation for your losses.

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